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Pan del Sol

It looks nicer than Ensaimada, tastes richer than Pan de Yema, and is softer than Brioche.  Try this handcrafted and scrumptious sweet bread for a delightful treat.  Choose from the Classic or Filled or a Variety Pack.  Your day will be brighter when you enjoy a Pan del Sol with your favorite beverage! 

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The Proof is in the Filling

After baking our Classic Pan del Sol for decades, we received requests for fillings.

Presenting ...




Stay in touch as we roll out more exciting flavors!

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Heart Pan del Sol

Searching for a unique way to express your love?

Our Heart Pan del Sol may be just what you want.

The chocolate filling makes it fabulously decadent.

Send sunshine with your love.

Send a Heart Pan del Sol!

Our products are gift-wrapped, always ready to be given to someone special, for any occasion.  If they're for yourself, you're special, too.  Each box comes with a packet of confectioners sugar to sprinkle on your Pan del Sol.



Your purchase helps in feeding our communities here and abroad.  A portion of our net proceeds goes to organizations committed to fight hunger, provide nutrition, emergency assistance and environmental education to families that need it most.  For more information, please go to our              page. 

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