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We Love What We Do

Welcome to Mamaloo's online artisan bakeshop! 


After being laid off due to COVID-19, our family was  prompted to put on our bakers' hats and return to our roots.  We have been driven further by the need to help others in these unprecedented times.

We are a 4th and 5th generation family with Filipino-Spanish heritage.  Our great-great-grandfather, as a young boy learned all about baking in the island of Mallorca, Spain.  He became a baker and oven builder for the Spanish Army and was deployed to the Philippines.   He decided to stay, got married and opened his bakery.  After his eldest daughter got married, he taught his son-in-law, our great grandfather, the skills of the trade, including building his own wood-fired oven.  His bakery flourished with loyal customers who came daily for their favorite breads and pastries.

Fast forward to the US, we honor our family's legacy by baking with no compromise and following time-honored values.  Baking to bring happiness to others is not just in our blood; it is our calling.  Our mission is to delight our customers by putting our love and passion for baking in every batch while helping our communities locally and abroad.  

We hope you will love our handcrafted original creations and signature products and share them with your family and friends.  

For updates on specials and new product releases, please join us.

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