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Our love and passion for delighting people with our baked goods is in our DNA.  We apply our great-grandfather's craftsmanship by taking the time and using high-quality ingredients, such as European-style butter.  Our whole eggs have bright yolks.  Whenever possible, we use organic or non-GMO products,  We never use substitutes, preservatives, fillers and enhancers.  Go ahead, taste the difference!

A great reason to love our products even more is your help to fight hunger.  In keeping with our family tradition, we are committed to helping communities, locally and abroad.  A portion of your purchase goes to organizations we work with.  To learn more, please go to


Our inspiration for Pan del Sol (aka Sun Bread) draws from a recipe obtained by our great-grandaunt from convent nuns in Spain.  It looks nicer than Ensaimada, richer than Pan de Yema and finer than Brioche.  We do not take shortcuts; we let the dough rise slowly to allow the flavor to grow.  We roll it the traditional way.  One batch takes several hours to produce.  The result is a bread that is soft as a cloud with a touch of golden flakiness and a depth of richness and flavor. 

Choose from Classic or Filled (Cinnamon, Cheese, Chocolate, Nutella)

Contains:  wheat, eggs, dairy

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Food for the Gods

It's no secret, Food for the Gods is a popular Filipino Christmas treat.  Our secret is in the attention and care we put into each freshly-baked batch.

Our Food for the Gods comes in a ribboned box and a small gift bag.  The box is perfectly gift- sized while the bag is a great stocking stuffer or event favor.  

Leticia's Holiday Fruitcake

Baking this brings back childhood memories, watching our mom/grandma in the kitchen.  We remember her lovingly brushing each cake with brandy and carefully wrapping it in cloth and several layers of paper.  She repeated this every week for 8 weeks and just in time for Christmas Eve's midnight celebration. As she slowly opened those layers, the room gradually filled with an unforgettable and seductive aroma.  In her honor, we offer you Leticia's Holiday Fruitcake.

Rosca or Roscon de Reyes
(Three Kings Cake)

In Spanish-influenced countries, Holiday celebrations continue until the Feast of the Three Kings (January 6th).  This culmination of the Holidays is celebrated with presents and a Rosca or Roscon de Reyes.  The crown or ring-shaped bread holds a miniature nativity figurine (usually baby Jesus).  Whoever gets the figurine is said to have good luck.

Our Rosca or Roscon de Reyes is a soft and rich bread filled with Holiday fruits and nuts.  This crown bread is topped with candied cherries, almonds, and sprinkled with confectioners sugar.  Following tradition, a miniature nativity figurine is inserted in the bread. 

Heart Pan del Sol

Searching for a unique way to express your love?  Our Heart Pan del Sol may be just what you want.  The chocolate filling makes it fabulously decadent.  Send sunshine with your love.  Send a Heart Pan del Sol!

A packet of chocolate is included.

4-Leaf Clover Rolls

Put some luck on your St. Patrick's Day celebration with these 4-Leaf Clover Rolls.

Choose from Buttery for breakfast with your Irish coffee or Savory for lunch and dinner to go with Corned Beef & Cabbage.

Or choose both!


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